A regular Saturday morning really…except it involved a few axes, 10 wooden targets and some super cute small animals (note the animals were no where near the axes!)


So we drive along the small country lanes towards Southern Pursuits, somewhere in the West Sussex countryside. Parking up we immediately get slightly distracted by the adorable baby goats, guinea pigs and bunnies.

IMG-20160402-WA0006Most of the small animals have been adopted and the lovely handler introduces us to them including one very boisterous male called Princess. When we looked at him slightly quizzically he informs us that the owners daughter names all of the new comers…. she is 5.

IMG-20160402-WA0008After passing two bigger goats who are towering above us on a handmade bridge we almost trip over some chickens as they wander across our path before handing in our consent forms .

We meet our instructor James and walk down a small path through the trees to the axe throwing area, passing a few of the other activities the company offers (we make a mental note to come back and try out the clay pigeon shooting and quad biking).

IMG-20160402-WA0014I have never seen an axe other than one my grandpa used to use to cut wood, so when James, our instructor opened up the box I the felling axe I was expecting was slightly different from the Schiflett types axes we were going to be using (the double blades definitely helped us actually hit the targets with more frequency!).

After a tutorial and safety instructions we started, feeling a lot more like vikings than woodsmen. And -I am not going to lie –  we did shout “Tyr!” on more than one occasion! (‘Tyr’ was a viking war cry – he was the viking God of war who lost his hand to Loki’s son the wolf Fenrir).

There is strangely enough a kind of technique involved…the less you think about it and just let your body move instinctively the more you hit the target! I would have liked to say we were naturally talented…but I think that would be exaggerating slightly!!!

All in all it was a great tricep workout, we laughed – a lot, and was definitely more fun than doing a session of dips and press-ups.



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