Pole Dancing – enjoy working out :)

IMG-20160712-WA0008I returned to the UK after being in Italy for three years and felt the need to work off the pasta ‘layer’.

The one condition I had is that I wanted to have fun. I was in quite a high stressed sales job at the time so didn’t want to feel any pressure or have to do something outside working hours that I didn’t really enjoy.

While contemplating what I could enjoy doing Pole dancing (well obviously why not?!) came into my mind. I had randomly toyed with the idea when I was 14…but at that time the only studios available were actually working clubs. Luckily things are a bit different now and Pole is now recognised as a form of fitness – so I found a fantastic studio close to home, booked myself on and bought a pair of hotpants!

First Lesson: Everyone was absolutely lovely and the hour literally flew by! The next day I realised that in those 60mins I must have had far more of a workout than I had previously thought – climbing on, spinning around and ‘inverting’ my body up a pole was actually super effective – I ached!

cropped-komorbe-pd1.pngPole dance is literally for everyone – weak, strong, large, small, ubber fit or couch potato. The moves are simple, you can go at your own speed and the instructors follow you each step of the way so you never feel lost.

Once you try then master each move there are more to learn, so each lesson gets progressively more challenging as you improve. After an hour session you finish feeling like you have accomplished something new…and leave the studio feeling satisfied.

IMG-20160712-WA0009Working with our own body weight is something we don’t often do in gyms unless we are doing pull-ups, press-ups etc and lets face it…you feel good after you have done them, but they are not all that much fun. Doing pole for the last few months I can see and feel a massively difference my body strength. You spend so much time thinking about the moves that you forget you are getting fitter at the same time.

Note: Its not sexy what so ever. There is a lot of grunting, sliding, laughter, fits of giggles and the realisation that everyone is in the same hot-panted boat as you so after a while you stop worrying about how you look and feeling self conscious … you just have fun 🙂

2016-05-16 06.32.18

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