Trampolining – we all did this at some point when we were kids…


We did all at some point this as kids … IMG-20160724-WA0000

…not that hard, a bit of bouncing around and thats it. Right?

Well…I do not know whether it is because was adults we really focus all our effort onto the task at hand or maybe because we are not as fit as the 5 year olds we once were; but trust me, after 10 minutes I was literally dripping and had to rest!

IMG-20160724-WA000410 minutes of trampolining is meant to be equivillant to 30mins of running…now maybe in terms of calories burnt thats true, but thats where it ends. Trampolining is non impact so your joints don’t feel it unlike running. It also stimulates your mind as you are constantly switched on – trying to figure how to bounce in the right place, or how to jump to the next pad. And it drives your creativity as you imagine then try (maybe I should say attempt!) new moves.

IMG-20160724-WA0007I may seem like a risk taker…I am completely not. I am super cautious. It took me four bounces of preparation to mentally convince myself to just let go and fall on my bottom, before I tried it. To be honest you couldn’t really have called those four preparation bounces ‘bounces’ – they were more like tiny foot hiccups on the mat! Being able to convince myself to just let go and fall on my bottom took a lot of work!

Apparently cats don’t break bones when they fall because they don’t tense in anticipation of impact – humans tense. Somewhere in our mind we just cant let go.

Trampolining in this place trains you to let go. To do it well you need to go with the flow and learn to utilise the leverage from the trampolines to bounce, trusting that they will break your fall when you drop. You need to accept that this is outside of what your body and mind are use to and recognise how to successfully utilise the new flooring situation  – its not concrete…its a trampoline! (I don’t think you will have any idea how long I had to say that over and over again in my mind before I tried a handless somersault!!)

IMG-20160724-WA0005So all in all its not just amazing exercise, its also a great life lesson and super mind training. It teaches you that to be successful sometimes you need to just let go, recognise then trust and utilise the resources around you to get where you want to get to.


Massively recommended! x

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