Morning Raves – Dance like no-one is watching

Its 4:30am on a wet autumn morning, fumbling for the off switch on the alarm I stumble out of bed, patter into the kitchen, put the mocha on the stove and get the glitter out.

Prep for the morning rave had begun!

morning rave 3Morning raves are literally one huge, colourful, collection of happy people. Whether you decide to start super early or arrive a little later you will walk into a room full of energy, happy strangers, great music and dance.

The very name morning Rave obviously insinuates dancing…I am not really a big dancer (as you may have gathered from Barre Class!) but normally if you add a bit of alcohol and some good music then on a night out am more than happy to mess around on the dance floor – but never usually sober.

morning rave 12This was a completely different experience –  in many ways far better. The energy in the room is buzzing, everyone is dancing quite literally like no-one is watching and after a few minutes, it gets infectious. Whether you are in jeans, a pink tutu and glitter top or rainbow jumpsuit – you end up getting submerged in what can best be described as a sea of happy energy.

There is something incredible empowering just letting your body go and move to the rhythm. In a way it’s a bit like meditation – just a little louder and a lot less static! It is also an epic way to get your workout in – after 2 hours of dancing you go outside with the same buzz you would have if you just smashed a great gym session. Except it is arguably a lot more fun!

morning rave 10If your interested in trying out a morning rave – literally just google it and a load of options will come up. For anyone reading this in London – check out Morning GloryVille!

Fancy dress – I should add – is optional. But if your anything like me – very little excuse is needed to cover yourself in glitter, throw on a rainbow jumpsuit or pull out the face paints

Jessie x


morning rave 5


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