Commuting isn’t wasted time – It’s your personal school 

“That journey took so long’”
“I could get so much more done if I didn’t have such a long travel to work”
“I was stuck in traffic for an hour today”
The problem is that time spent commuting is dead time. Or is it?
5Well, we think it depends.
Yes, you certainly could see those minutes or hours as time where you stare zombie like out of the train window, scroll through social media or flick between radio channels as you drive. Or you could use that time to learn or study. 
One of our favorite places to read is on public transport – more specifically… on the tube. People on the tube have that strange silence-if-I-make-eye-contact-I-might-drop-dead thing – it makes it the perfect place to bury yourself undisturbed in a book.
Stuck in traffic and crawling along on the motorway – sure its frustrating but if you are learning Italian via audio book, or listening to a motivational podcast series (obviously 3Templates for Success!) then that time is no longer spent just sat there going through the motions of being irritated, irate then (inevitably) despondent (we know you have all been there!)
The thing with commuting is that the majority of us HAVE TO do it. No way around it. And there is a high probability that it’s not going to change – unless you are planning on swapping your job to one closer your house, your company suddenly implements a works from home policy or you move closer to the office.
The easier option to relieve the tedious commute is to turn it into something productive. Yes I know you have to be productive all day – but that is productivity for someone else, how about productivity for yourself?
Change your mindset and make the time useful TO YOU 
What about that language you have always wanted to learn? The ever increasing list of book recommendations you want to get through? Your dreams of becoming an investor in areas you don’t know enough about yet?
2You know the average time to learn a language is 480 hours? Depending on the length of the book your looking between 2 – 6 hours to finish it and if you wanted to up-skill the average time needed to obtain a GCSE level qualification is 225 hours.
Did you know that if you read 25 books in a year you’ll be in the top 1% of your chosen industry in terms of knowledge?
Putting that in context – the average Londoner has 261 working days per year, with an average commuting time of 50 minutes across Britain.
That is, on average, 365.4 hours in commuting time alone. You could be well on your way to learning a new language, achieving and working on your next qualification or be in the top 1% of your chosen industry.
So stop complaining, start utilizing, and give your mindset a bit of a shake up!
Check below for a few ideas for your commute:
Passive Commuting (Tube / Train / Bus)
YouTube videos
Udemy courses
Audio books
Online courses like Udemy or Coursera
Non-passive commuting  (car/ motorbike/ bike/ skateboard/ scooter)
Audio books

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