From Homeless in Hong Kong to Successful Health & Wellness Coach

“After two years of depression, doing drugs not caring what I ate I ended up one night so drunk that I washed my passport”

Bruno, a Belgium national – ended up homeless in Hong Kong for four weeks.

Its 4:20am Tuesday morning and after a good strong coffee I sit down at the computer and dial into the skype address Bruno has given me. I came across his profile on Instagram and something about him just jumped out at me. He is now an Essential oil and Health coach but reading between the lines of what he mentioned in his posts I realised there was a lot more than met the eye. I had to interview him.

Bruno starts his story at the point when he lost his mother and brother to cancer and in his own words he went completely off the rails.

Alcohol and drug fuelled nights that turned into mornings until his self-destruction ended up inadvertently turning him out onto the streets during a festival period. With no passport and 14 Hong Kong Dollars in his pocket he had to wait the long 4 weeks for the embassy in Shenzhen to reopen for him to get a new passport and return home.

But a chance meeting with another gentleman on the streets made him realise he had an opportunity. Sometimes chance meetings can change our lives and Bruno holds by the fact that his act of offering the starving man food – and this man’s acceptance on the condition that Bruno tell him his story – changed his life. Bruno tells me that the man listened compassionately to him, then he told him his story. It’s too long to write here – but you can find it in Bruno’s Interview on TFS.

It was only after he had boarded the bus for the journey to Shenzhen that Bruno said it hit him. The homeless gentleman had never had a choice in his circumstances – he had done only what he could to survive and he realised that, although he had lost his mother and brother, nobody had forced him to take drugs or drink to excess to survive – it had been his choice.

To hear Bruno’s full story and how he has turned his life around click here

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