From Physicist to Foreign Correspondent to CEO

We caught up with Girish Gupta physicist, foreign correspondent and founder of DataDrum in Caracas Venezuela. 

8 years ago Girish landed in Venezuela with a dream of becoming a freelance journalist and travel the world, which he achieved – undertaking groundbreaking investigations and covering the crisis there for the world’s biggest news outlets. But Girish tells us that he realised reporting wasn’t all about trampling through jungles, putting on flack jackets and covering protests – it was also trying to understand the ‘why’.

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During that period in Venezuela Girish talks about the absurd hyper inflation that was impacting the country. Immersed in the situation he witnessed first hand its affects – so he began digging into the data to complement his street reporting and fully understand why the country was suffering. 

This search for data became the foundation for Data Drum – helping explain the world to people through numbers. Reporting prices, inflation and black market exchange rates in countries where data isn’t easy to get hold off from South Sudan through to Ukraine and the Ivory Coast. 

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Girish’s journey so far, is not only inspiring, but shows how with the right mindset, energy and willingness to learn –  finding solutions to problems can create a whole new business model. 

During our interview we discuss in depth not only Girish’s journey but also the concept of success –  whether it is definable, the intricate way it is entwined with society and if it can ever really be achieved.

As we sit there talking I remember the thoughtful teenager I used to pick up on our way Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 16.16.07into our Sunday job at a local bookshop. The student who got accepted into Cambridge then had the strength of character to decide it wasn’t the place he wanted to study and chose instead to go to Manchester. Who learnt Spanish and flew off to Venezuela to make it as a journalist and ended up achieving what many have tried and failed at; who now has started a new chapter in his life, learning yet again another new language and setting up his own company – created through his entrepreneurial ability to solve problems. 

Do I think Girish is successful – absolutely, in so many ways. Does he think he is successful – well to quote him: 

“At the moment I am the least successful point in my life’

I personally beg to differ 🙂

Check out his Interview click here

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