The Mid Career Slump

The ‘mid-career slump’ is effectively that sudden realisation that what you do has absolutely no value to you, your last reserves of passion for the work have long since dried up and you are effectively bored.

unsplash-logoJC Gellidon

We can guarantee that practically everyone has been here, you are not alone. So aside from feeling solace in numbers, what can you do?

Now, we are not going to tell you to just sack everything in, move to a different country and set up a beach bar. Although certainly an option, let’s face it, it isn’t realistic for the many of us who have wound up with not only financial demands but also emotional – be that pets, families or significant others.

Realistically the older we grow, the deeper our roots do.

So what to do to avoid sinking into the depths of despair to eventually resurface, having succumbed to our passionless fate? Yes I am being a little hyperbolic there but you get my gist.

The thing that most of us forget, is that we are not just our jobs. Although most of our time is spent in whatever role we currently occupy, we are in fact far, far more than that.

unsplash-logoLaurenz Kleinheider

So… have you ever thought of first looking at how you can re-inspire yourself outside of work?

Read below for our top ten ways to beat the mid-career slump and reignite your passion in the office starting from your free time:

Leave your phone at the door

Well not exactly because either you are going to tread on it or someone might steal it, but you get what I mean. If your anything like us you will spend the whole day on a screen – computer, phone, TV.

Don’t spend your whole evening in one too. Break up the monotony and you give yourself space for change.

On top of that, if your the kind of person who trails through social media looking at how much everyone else is living in their curated feeds full of only their best moments … a. its not realistic and b. it is not going to make you feel good about yourself.

Check out our blog about the millennial disease

unsplash-logoPaul Hanaoka

Join A Secret Society

Rosicrucian’s, Masonry, research mythology, read philosophy – nothing drowns out the existential pain more than when you can make it feel insignificant in the grander scheme of things.

Get Outside

Walk, jog, pack a picnic, sit in the grass and make daisy chains if you want just get down with nature. This is reality.

unsplash-logoKeghan Crossland

Replace Coffee With Decaf

Trust us, the more stimulation you have, the more your mind is going to keep whirring on its main preoccupation – namely your dissatisfaction.

Get off the stimulants and learn how to take a step off the hamster wheel.

Plan fun things to do

Do something outside the norm, be silly, find somewhere you can dance like nobody is watching, create memorable moments in your free time. And its not just the moments themselves, but the planning, getting your friends involved and feeling that anticipation of what you are going to do – its exciting before your event there. Trust us, we do it all the time 🙂

For ideas check out Making your Moments

Passively Job Hunt

Put your cv in a job board, then don’t think about it. When your phone starts ringing with people who value your skills, it is going to make you feel good.

This doesn’t mean you need to jump and suddenly switch up your career – that might not actually be what you need. See this as more of a self confidence game.

Nothing beats feeling in demand and putting yourself in a position where you have choices – whether that is to stay in your job or to move on to other pastures.

unsplash-logoyoav hornung

Start A Project

A long term project that you can watch grow that is extremely fulfilling. Its how LifeStyle Architects was born. It could be a website, a vegetable patch, an online course or a side hustle like dropping shipping a product you absolutely love. Learning about something, building and maintaining it then looking at how you can optimise, is a great way to not only stimulate your mind but also get excited about your mini milestones – completely away from your day job.

And its all about what you think will get you passionate. Grow a vegetable patch, create a YouTube Channel, start a side hustle like drop-shipping a product you love, enrol on an online course …. Plan, develop and execute.  

Do you have any other ideas? We love to share other inspirational stories – comment, hook up with us on social media and let us know!

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