Interview with Dave Bundtzen – Horror Film Director – The Guy Who Loves to Scare You

Dave Bundtzen – director, producer and scare artist extraordinaire agreed to have a sit down with us about his success and the launch of his latest Horror Movie Window Dressing.

Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 09.20.07

Aside from the gossip about Window Dressing one of our first questions was obviously how he ever started a career scaring people. Trust us when we say that the Dave does not seem remotely like the kind of person who writes and directs terror.

His story starts a little like this: One fateful night Dave and his family went to see Swiss Family Robinson at the Drive-In movies. Those were the days where there would be two movies showing on each side of the drive-in and although you only had access to the audio for the one you had chosen to watch. However it didn’t stop anyone from turning around in their seats to watch the one showing opposite. Which is what a 10 year old Dave did, the movie happened to be Jaws and his passion for horror hasn’t abated since then.

Window Dressing Movie Poster-FinalDirecting and film can seem like an industry that is incredibly tough to enter, it is, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying. In fact it’s Dave’s mind-set and tireless work within his field, crafting his expertise, which has lead him to the place where today his Horror Short Films gain international acclaim.

Click here to watch his full interview to find out more about what inspires him, his advice for those looking to enter into the industry and some invaluable tips for success.

We think we should warn you that there’s a little surprise at the end – just make sure you don’t watch this interview in the dark…




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