Management Consultant to Postnatal Depression


Firstly we need to admit something – this interview made us cry, and laugh and just fall absolutely in love with Nik and her disarming open hearted honestly.

Nik’s Story

Her story starts as career women, six figure salary, armoured to the hilt as she puts it. The kind of women who when she wasn’t given the promotion she wanted at work went off and set up another company; had the executive home, nannies, au pairs – all the bells and whistles included.

We all know someone who has been here, or at least in on the path to achieving this kind of drive and success.

But the Nik Davis in-front of the camera today is a very different lady. Her view of success has changed dramatically – impacted bit by bit as her life began to spiral out of control – from the toll on her business that the Financial Crisis in 2008 extracted to the loss of her brother in law and father.

Nik talks openly about how slowly how her life began to unravel culminating in postnatal depression after the birth of her third child, which turned her world upside down and how she began to rediscover herself and define her life.

Whether you are – in the office, on the train, at home – do something for yourself and  take the next 20 minutes to watch Nik’s interview.

Her insights into work, depression, motherhood and lifestyle are invaluable.




Big love x

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