Top 5 Inspirational Video Interviews

Here at TFS we love getting inspired and listening to our guests’ successes is a sure fire way to get that good old caffeine-free, Friday afternoon, I-can-do-anything kind of feeling running through your veins.

So are you ready to get that inspiration-o-meter pumping?

Number 5 – Inspirational And A Tad Chilly …

Breaking in at Number 5 is the epic Jackie Cobell. At 56 this lady discovered that it wasn’t just athletes who were allowed to swim the channel, so she got herself a coach and began 12768252_851108111681980_9189871132079173538_otraining. Despite sustaining injuries during training and having to undergo recovery after an operation she got out there and delivered the goods. A whopping 28 hours and 44 minutes after she began her feet reached French sand.

And if that isn’t inspiring enough … she has since been around the world ice swimming counting whales among her fellow swimming companions!

Check out Jackie’s journey here

Number 4 – Inspiration In The Most Unexpected places

Those of you who subscribe to our YT channel will remember Bruno who found himself benjamin-hung-340392-unsplashhomeless on the streets of Hong Kong following years of depression and addiction after the death of his father. But a chance meeting on the streets created the spark he needed to turn his life around. He is now happily married, running a health and well being business in China coaching others who are in the same situation he once was.

Learn more about Bruno’s journey and how he did it

Number 3 – Paint, Sweat, Repeat, Inspire

Our Karate teacher turned internationally renown portrait artist, had to hit the list somewhere. Fabian Perez rose to fame with his stunning romantic style and has painted for the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Pope.

11237579_10153325797514132_4277163258204274832_oBut few who see his paintings will know that the artist used to paint at night in accommodation he shared with one of the other teachers. One day someone asked him how much one of his paintings would cost to buy – and from there his determination, faith and indomitable spirit helped carve the path to where he is today.

Listen to his whole inspiring journey here

Number 2 – Inspiration to Find Your Feet Again

Ever found yourself knocked down by life, you have to work your way back up. Many of our interviewees have, hell, we all have! The lady who comes in at number two on the Screen Shot 2019-07-26 at 15.29.30.pnginspiration charts was not just knocked down once or even twice but so far, three times.

Jules Williams, born with Scoliosis of the spine has so far had to undergo three back operations and each time re-learn how to walk. But that’s not it – just before she found out about her second operation she had quit her job to become a Personal trainer… which she achieved and is now rocking the American PT circuit.

Way to go girl!

Watch her story here

Number 1 – Inspiration Overload!

So we are going to cheat a little bit here. Because we have a number one that none of you will have seen yet… it’s in edit currently being subtitled by our epic editor Bob to be precise!

But it’s inspirational rating is off the chart… Allan Reigns was taken from his mother and ended up on the streets. As a child he spent time in adult prisons for stealing the food he needed to survive. It was in one of these prisons that he contracted Hepatitis B and almost died, but a charity found him. Allan got better and started primary school at 13 then went to university returning every day to the streets where he came from to give them what little first aid he had learnt. Today Allan runs the Alpha Female Empowerment Initiative – a charity set up to help women and children move from the streets and learn the skills they need to stay off them.

Inspiration 101 right there for you.

Now if that hasn’t got your heart all a flutter and that inspiration coursing through your veins … go get some coffee.

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